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Looking for seasoned guidance for your personal finances, new business, or tax season? We can help. Give the experts at Cieslik & Glenn, Certified Public Accountants, Inc. a call today, or browse through our blog for advice!

How payroll fraud happens

Unless a small business owner handles all aspects of computing and paying payroll, there is room for fraud. Even if your company has only a few employees — it does not guarantee your funds will be safe. How payroll fraud happens Perhaps one of the...

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Summer’s a time for vacations and tax planning

It's tempting to take a break from everything this summer, but you may regret it come tax season if you push off tax planning. Here are some tips to help you keep your head in the game even when your feet are in the pool: If you are a sole...

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Review your financial affairs

Now is the perfect time to review your financial affairs. You have to gather information to prepare your tax return at this time. Why not take one more step and do something positive for the well being of your wallet? The following suggestions will...

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Want a profitable business? Focus on customer service

Even with the best of intentions, many companies talk up customer service but don't actually deliver. In order to really provide great customer service, every employee needs to be tuned in to how he or she can contribute to keep customers coming...

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